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Our annual service Prepared to endure!


Our simple service

Always ready to ride!

from £25

Our annual service Prepared to endure!

from £50

Our strip and rebuild

Turn back the clock!

from £100

Our Full Suspension strip and rebuild!

from £150

Our premium road rebuild for bikes with gloss finishes

from £150

Servicing and Repair

Based in Ocean Terminal, we pride ourselves in getting you back on the road or cycle path as soon as possible whatever the condition of your bike.


From a simple check over to a full strip down, we offer a full range of services to suit your needs. Whether your bike has been sat at the bottom of the garden for five years and needs a full strip down or you’d simply like a Tweak, we will get you running as good as new.


If you are unsure of what your bike may need, we are happy to provide free estimates in our Service Centre. Please contact us or come into the shop where we can give you a clear idea of what needs to be done and how much it will cost.

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