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Muc Off Chain Optimisation

Using Muc-Off’s Ultrasonic Tanks, the chain goes through an intense cleaning and lubing treatment to level-up drivetrain performance. The chain is placed into the tank, which emits high-frequency sound waves that pulse through the cleaning liquid. This agitates, lifts and removes any dirt out from within the chain links, which, after a blast from the air line, leaves squeaky-clean surfaces for the lube to adhere to.

Ludicrous AF or Hydrodynamic lube are gently heated to the precise temperature required to create the optimum viscosity for the lube to penetrate deep into all contact points within the chain links. The lubricants attach themselves to either side of the base oil’s surface to form a low-friction shear plane. It’s this combination of formulation and application which results in reduced friction, increasing the amount of watts making it through the drivetrain, and therefore the rear wheel. 

Hydrodynamic 2.0 Lube is your go to day to day lubricant. Weather resistant and long lasting.

Ludicrous AF is for when you want to be fast AF. Ludicrous has been designed from the ground up to ensure maximum performance.

Hydrodynamic 2.0

Ludicrous AF

* Price is for chain cleaning only *

* Drivetrains will require cleaning to maximise benefits *

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