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Our Fitting Services are back!


Whether you're a leisure cyclist or commuter, we will ensure that riding your bike is comfortable and easy!


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Power through your cranks starts with being comfortable. Go further, faster for longer than ever before.


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We will assess and improve your power output to ensure your optimum performance for competition speed.


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Bike Fitting

People come in different shapes and sizes. It’s part of what makes us individuals.

Our fit service involves taking a detailed look at what you want from your riding, what your flexibility levels are like and what can be done with your existing position to get the most out of your bike. 

This is done by having a detailed discussion of how you use the bike and any previous or existing physical issues you may suffer with. We do a physical evaluation to determine hamstring and hip flexion ranges.

Once we have our data we then attach your bike to a static trainer to ascertain your current riding position and trial any adjustments to find the fit the feels best for you.

Upon completion of the Bike Fitting, we will then send you a PDF copy of Your Fit Documents for your use.

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