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Our Time Trial Fitting - £120*

*includes all labour costs of replacement parts

We will assess and improve your power output to ensure your optimum performance for competition speed.

This fit is key for anyone looking to maximise their performance when using their aero bars on a TT bike. We also consider any future goals you may have, so as we can tailor your fit to your needs.

We then take a closer look at you and your natural posture then take some measurements to compare against your bike.  We then do a series of flexibility tests so we can know more about your range of movement.

Finally, we observe you on the bike, making changes, paying close attention to your back and forearm angles in order to adjust your tuck position. 

Your knee-over-axle is assessed in two different positions to reflect a standard TT riding position to ensure that you are working at your optimal power output every time.

Example bikes

  • Time Trial

  • Aero Road w/Aero Bars

  • Aero Road

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