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The Road Plus

The Road Plus is a special service reserved for the special road bike in your life. The bike is stripped like the overhaul but where it differs, we wash, decontaminate, polish, glaze and the seal your frame. taking queues from the automotive world our aim is to make your frame slippier than ever before cut its way through the wind.

  • Remove all components from frame

  • Detail the frame and fork

    • Shampoo ​- cleans the paintwork

    • Decontaminate - this removes any tar, fallout from normal use.

    • Polish - removes any small imperfections in the paintwork

    • Glaze - fills in any micro scratches and gives a deeper colour

    • Seal - protects the paint and gives it that extra special feel

  • Thoroughly clean the drivetrain

  • Clean, degrease and grease headset, bottom bracket and both hubs

  • True both wheels

  • Fit all parts that have been removed and fit new cables (chargeable)

  • Tyres inspected for wear and inflated to correct pressure

  • Gear Service

  • Brake Service

  • Full bolt check and test ride

Please note this can only be done on gloss paintwork.



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