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DMR Deathgrip Thick | Black

DMR Deathgrip Thick | Black


The DMR Deathgrip is Brendan “Brendog” Fairclough’s signature grip, with a waffle and knurl flangeless design, the Deathgrip is made from soft Kraton rubber for maximum comfort and grip.

  • Single lock-ring design with tapered core means no need for outer lock-ring
  • Incredibly grippy waffle and knurl pattern on outer portion
  • Inner mushroom pattern for comfort
  • Soft Kraton rubber for maximum comfort and vibration damping

The tapered core means no outer lock ring is required while the inner mushroom pattern is great for additional comfort. The grip has been designed to offer maximum grip and excellent comfort, with a waffle and knurled design on the outer portion of the grip, combined with a mushroom pattern on the inner portion to improve comfort. Whether you’re throwing yourself down the hill at the Redbull Rampage, a World Cup Downhill course or just out for a spin on your local trails, these grips have got you covered.

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