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Our Road Bike Fitting - £95*

*includes all labour costs of replacement parts

Power through your cranks starts with being comfortable. Go further, faster for longer than ever before.

Our road fit starts off with us learning about you, how you're riding just now and any issues or discomfort you may be experiencing. We also consider any future training goals you may have so we can tailor your fit to your needs.

We can offer a more comfortable endurance fit, or a more racy, explosive sprint fit. If you are returning from injury, we can adjust your bike in order to aid your recovery.

We then take a closer look at you and your natural posture, then take some measurements to compare against your bike.


We measure your feet, and if you use cleats we ensure they're set up correctly for your stance. We then do a series of flexibility tests so we can gauge your range of movement.

Finally, we get you on the bike and take measurements, making changes based on that information to get that fit dialled in!

Example bikes

  • Endurance Road

  • Adventure Gravel

  • Cycle Touring

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