With our Uplift & Repair service, collection and delivery of your bike is included!

Our Staple Uplift & Repair is now £40! 

Service & Repair
  • Tweak

    Our simple service -

    Always ready to ride

    Check how the brakes and gears are working, a ‘safety check’. Handy if the bike is new or has been very rarely used. 

    Have you bought a bike in a box and are not sure what to do with it? Had a bike you've not ridden for a bit, and want to make sure it's OK? The tweak may well be all you need. 


    Service with Collection & Delivery From:


  • Staple

    Our annual service -

    Prepared to endure

    If you are using your bike for regular short blasts to work, The Staple is the service for you. This service is ideal too if the bike has been stood for a long time unused.



    Until the end of January the Staple 
    was £65, now £40! 

    Service with Collection & Delivery From:


  • Overhaul

    Our strip and rebuild service -

    Turn back the clock

    The bike is stripped back to the frame, the threads re greased and rebuilt. This is normally a good idea if the bike is very well used and does a lot of mileage.


    Service with Collection & Delivery From:


  • FS Plus

    Our Full Sus. strip & rebuild service - Turn back the clock

    The FS Plus is a special service reserved for full suspension mountain bikes. The bike is stripped like the overhaul and we strip the linkage apart too. We clean each link thoroughly and if bearings need replaced the labour cost is included!


    Service with Collection & Delivery From:


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