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    Whether you're a leisure cyclist or a day to day commuter, we will get you comfy

    Our aim is to get the bicycle as comfortable as possible with the possibility of sacrificing speed. We have a discussion around the use of the bike and any existing issues. Once completed we attach the bike into a static trainer to trial any adjustments to get that bike comfy!

    Example Bikes;

    Flat bar road hybrid

    Shopping bikes



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    From Cross Country to Enduro, we can make those climbs less effort 

    Mountain bikes for a lot of people are all about the descent. But to go down you have to go up. This is all about making the ascent more comfortable allowing you to endure more. Or to put more time into your competitors on that climb. 

    Example Bikes;

    Hardtail XC

    Full Sus Trail



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    From leisure to sportive to racing, make that 2 hour ride into a 4 hour

    Depending on your use we go one of two ways. A more comfortable endurance fit or a more racy, explosive sprint fit. We chat, we look at flexibility ranges and we trial adjustments to get that fit dialed in.

    Example Bikes;

    Aero Road

    Adventure Gravel



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    Time Trial

    Aerodynamics and efficient use of power is the name of this game

    This fit is key for anyone looking to maximise their performance when using their aero bars on the TT bike. Our Off-The-Bike assessment is a little more in depth and we get that fit to make you perform at your best, everytime.

    Example Bikes;

    Time Trial

    Aero Road w/ Aero Bars



Our fitting service is currently suspended due to Tier 4 Restrictions. Please enquire below


Bike Fitting

People are all different shapes and sizes. It’s part of what makes us people.

Our fit service involves taking a detailed look at what you want from your riding, what your flexibility levels are like and what can be done with your existing position to get the most out of your bike. 

This is done by having a detailed discussion of how you use the bike and any previous or existing physical issues you may suffer with. We do a physical evaluation to determine hamstring and hip flexion ranges.

Once we have our data we then attach your bike to a static trainer to ascertain your current riding position and trial any adjustment to find the fit the feels best for you.

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