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ODI Handlebar Tape | Blue

ODI Handlebar Tape | Blue


The World Leader in Grip Technology brings their extensive product knowledge to produce this high performance road/cx tape.


Designed to give the ultimate in control and shock absorption, this tape features a unique 3-ply construction with two shock absorbing layers each with a different density and an extra tacky surface layer.


This unique design reduces vibrations transferred to the hands while also offering exceptional grip. All of this in a lightweight washable bar tape.


Key Features:

  • 3.5mm thickness.
  • Extra soft and tacky elastomeric outer layer for excellent traction in all conditions.
  • Includes both high and medium density backing for improved shock absorption and a smoother ride.
  • Cut away outer layer gives improved gripping power regardless of conditions.
  • Ultra light weight construction.
  • Includes Finishing Tape and Bar End Plugs.
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