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Maxxis Assegai

Maxxis Assegai


The Assegai is built to go fast everywhere

  • World Cup Champion Greg Minnaar's signature tyre
  • 3C MaxxGrip rubber compound available
  • Dual-ply downhill casing
  • Tubeless compatible
  • Wide Trail casing optimized for 30-35mm rims


The Story

“My idea was to design a tyre around some of Maxxis’ iconic tread patterns. I started in the center by combining the Minion DHF and the Minion DHR II. The reasoning behind this was I felt the surface area of the DHF rolls well and gives you a good footprint on hardpack, greasy turns as well as confidence on wet roots and rocks. The DHR II added faster rolling speed and more aggressive braking.

Then I worked on the ‘extra’ tooth to give you more support when leaning the bike over so there’s a consistent feel all the way onto the side knobs. And that leaves me talking about my all-time favorite tyre -- the High Roller. Maxxis engineers and I came up with a remodeled High Roller side knob with very similar characteristics to the original. But with the support the extra tooth gives you, you have the ultimate wingman when cutting hard on a flat turn." 

- Greg Minaar

  • Over the course of a year, Wide Open Mountain Bike tested the Assegai under a variety of conditions with some fantastic results: 

    "I could just keep this review very short and simple…

    Put an Assegai on the front of your bike and then ride all year, in any conditions, on any trails and it will grip for miles and give you maximum confidence. The end. They really are that good.

    In pretty much every circumstance they have been predictable, confidence-inspiring and dependable. The Assegai would be my tyre of choice if I was building a bike and wanted a tyre to run all year in the UK."




    WorldwideCyclery.com tested the Assegai and gave it a glowing review:

    “No matter what conditions I rode the tires in, I felt a great amount of grip, control, and predictability. I would say the grip and predictability of the Assegai are what is most impressive. You can push this tire extremely hard in 90% of trail conditions while having the same breaking point every time.

    Most of the trails I ride when they are wet are just slippery and slimy. In those conditions when the dirt is wet but not like cake or peanut butter, the Assegai is amazing. The tall knobs help really dig into the dirt and they act like grippy fingers grabbing anything they can so you can focus on the trail.

    Greg Minnaar is the winningest DH racer of our time, and with his input along with some talented engineers, Maxxis has created the Assegai. Taking the best parts of top performing Maxxis tires, they merged them into one of the best all-around feeling front tires I have ever ridden. As a front tire, it really lives up to the meaning of Assegai, cutting through the dirt and delivering predictability to get you through any trail obstacle.”