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Bontrager AW3 Folding Tyre

Bontrager AW3 Folding Tyre


The Bontrager AW3 Hard-Case Clincher Road Tyre is ideal for those who train through the winter but don’t want to sacrifice speed whilst doing so.

The Hard-Case triple flat protection provides good puncture protection, yet the rubber compound has low rolling resistance and excellent aerodynamics thanks to the Aero Wing bead.



The AW3 Hard-Case Clincher Road Tyre from Bontrager is a quick tyre that also happens to have excellent protection against punctures on both the tread and the sidewalls, making it perfect for riders who ride outdoors even in bad weather but don’t want a heavy, draggy tyre. The Aero Wing bead fills in the gap between the tyre and the rim smoothing the airflow over this area for better aerodynamics.



  • Excels on the road in a variety of conditions
  • Hard-Case triple flat protection protects against punctures
  • A unique Aero Wings bead eliminates rim and tyre gap for aero advantage
  • 120 TPI
  • Claimed weight: 23mm - 295 grams | 25mm - 305 grams | 28mm - 350 grams
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