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The Tweak Service

Our tweak service is ideal for if your bike needs a safety check. Handy if the bike was bought boxed, self assembled or has just been stood for a while. The tweak might be all you need.

So, what is covered in our tweak service….

  • Brakes are fully adjusted to make sure they are working safely and effiencetly.

  • Tyre pressures are checked and set.

  • We then fully inspect both tyres for ware, to ensure they sit correctly on the rim and to make sure there is nothing stuck in them that shouldn’t be.

  • All the bolts across the bike are checked and set to the correct torque settings.

  • As with the brakes, we then adjust and tune your gears, ensuring they are shifting smoothly and safely.

  • Pedal security is checked and the bike is given a wipe down so its ready for collection.

Remember you can book your services online.


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