The Staple Service

Choice of the discerning commuter. This gives the bike a thorough once-over, and covers the labour cost if parts need to be replaced. 

If you are using your bike for regular short blasts to work, The Staple is the service for you. This service is ideal too if the bike has been stood for a long time unused. 

This service covers; The labour cost for maintaining and/or replacing the brake and gear inner cables where necessary, (the silver cabling - this can often get gunked up and not work smoothly), then adjusting the brakes and gears as appropriate. Making sure all bolts are sufficiently tightened. Tyres will be inspected for wear, and inflated to the correct pressure. If the wheels need truing, (if they need straightening) this is also included. The bike's headset (steering bearings) will be checked, wheel bearings and bottom bracket checked and adjusted when needed. The chain and drivetrain (gearing components) will be removed, thoroughly cleaned and inspected for wear.

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Tel: 0131 553 2627


Ground Floor, Ocean Terminal

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Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre, 98 Ocean Drive
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