Spotlight Feb20 | New Scott Addict RC | disc-only and ludicrously clean looks

Lighter, stiffer, more comfortable, fully hidden cables and disc only for the redesigned Scott Addict

We are proud to introduce the all new SCOTT Addict RC.

It's the first ever road bike with fully integrated cable routing for both electronic and mechanical shifting, with no compromises on head tube stiffness or steering quality. Save for the addition of discs in 2016, this is the first major update the bike has seen since 2014.

The new Addict RC is the new benchmark road bike when it comes to racing. It is designed to fit the needs of Scott's UCI World Tour team Mitchelton-SCOTT and ambitious everyday riders alike. Extremely lightweight with the best performing carbon structure to date plus completely integrated cable routing and aero features makes it a dream bike any way you look at it. It comes with a super-light frame set, increased stiffness in the bottom bracket area and an increase in aerodynamics over the previous version.

When you look back at the past 12 months and the success that Scott have enjoyed with the Addict, you may be asking yourself, why make these changes?

Scott won the European Championships, they took the Vuelta and multiple stage wins at Grand Tours but yet they’ve managed to make this bike even better than the previous iteration.

Coming first to integration, the goal was to have fully integrated cable routing for all configurations without any compromise on performance. This is possible from Scott’s in-house developed and now patented, "Eccentric Bicycle Fork Shaft". At the top bearing, the centre of the fork has an offset of three millimetres. In combination with the oversize one and a half inch bearing, this allows enough space in front of the one and a quarter inch fork steerer to guide both mechanical and electronic shifting wires as well as both hydraulic hoses completely internally. As the centre of the fork is concentric to the centre of the bearing the steering performance is unaffected. The result is a clean looking, fully integrated cockpit at all spec levels.

In terms of aerodynamics, Scott didn't just remove the cables from the front of the bike, they also integrated their patented F01 Airfoil technology from the front of the bike all the way through to the rear. Taking in the head tube, the forks, the down tube and the stays, in conjunction with the seat post, to give you a much more aerodynamic profile, allowing you to beat the wind.

Addicts are known for being extremely lightweight and this Addict is no different, inheriting the same DNA as its previous iteration, Scott now made it faster and indeed lighter. The Addict RC Ultimate comes in at a frame-weight of 850 grams and a fork-weight of 340 grams. This is an impressive number in itself but when I tell you that we actually increased the bottom bracket stiffness by 14.5%, made the bike more aerodynamic and integrated all the cables, you start to see that it's more than just a number, how did Scott manage this?

They went into every single detail, every carbon layup was questioned and every single screw got re-thought. A new production process with less bonding joints got implemented, they improved the carbon layering and went for a completely hollow frame-set with no metal parts. To give you one example of this detail, Scott developed an ultra-light seat-clamp which, as you can imagine, is lighter than its previous version but thanks to its carbon friendly clamp mechanism Scott were able to save yet more weight on the seat post.

Of course if you have a frame which is ultra-light but doesn't provide the necessary stiffness values it won't make you faster. The all new Addict RC proves that lightweight can go hand in hand with great stiffness values. The result is that you have to push around six watts less at a speed of 45 kilometres per hour in comparison to the previous Addict RC Disc. This doesn't sound a lot, but will save you almost 30 seconds over 30 kilo-meters!

Along with discs, wide tyres are the new norm on road bikes, and the new Addict has clearances for 28mm tyres when mounted to 21mm wide (internal) rims. All stock bikes come with 28mm tyres as standard.

As a side note, it’s exceptionally rare for a brand to actually specify rim specs when quoting tyre clearances, so hats off to Scott for being thorough here.

Increasing tyre volume fractionally raises the whole bike, which can affect handling. To counteract this, Scott has dropped the bottom bracket a smidge. On that point, the overall geometry of the Addict RC was developed in conjunction with Rablador bike fitters and the Mitchelton-SCOTT pro team. The geometry is ever so slightly more aggressive than the outgoing model, which Scott now describes as an ‘endurance’ model.

This bike is indeed, light, stiff and quick handling.

With so many similar bikes out there now, it’s the unique features (the Addict’s cockpit and internal routing in this case) that make the Addict really stand out.

“Since turning professional the Addict RC has been my trusty steed. I have become very comfortable on the bike in the mountains, particularly because of how lightweight it is. Now, the new version not only remains lightweight, but it’s stiffer, fully integrated, more aerodynamic and is built with disc brakes for faster braking, particularly in the rain, making it the ultimate climbing bike.”

- Simon Yates, Vuelta a Espana winner 2018

For full specs view our Addict RC Ultimate product page:

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