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News | Covid 19 | What we are doing to help.

With the global effort to combat the spread of Covid 19, people are doing everything they can to look out for each other. In this post we are going to outline what we as a business are doing to address the challenges we all face to help protect the physical and mental well being of our customers. We are open for business as usual!

You will need to enter Ocean Terminal via the Main Entrance. Parking is still available in the Red Multi-Story Car Park though access to the mall is limited to the 1st & 2nd floors so the main entrance is still your best option if you are bringing in a bike.

What Bike Craft and Ocean Terminal are doing to safeguard our customers

  • Every bike brought in for repair or service will be thoroughly cleaned with particular attention being paid to handlebars and saddle.

  • We normally use gloves when working on bikes but from now on, a new pair of disposable gloves will be used for each bike and correctly disposed of after.

  • Ocean Terminal have regular deep cleans throughout the entire centre. This includes things like handrails, escalators etc.

How you can get to Ocean Terminal Safely

As many people are avoiding the confined spaces of public transport, you may be wondering what the best way to get around is? By bike of course!

The official guidance on social distancing suggests activities such as walking, jogging and cycling are safe to do. These activities are also key to keeping your mental well being in check. Staying indoors and not getting your dose of sunshine and fresh air is not what anybody needs Vitamin D is also a key ingredient in keeping a strong immune system. More information on boosting your immune system can be found on our post here.

You can find plenty of great cycle routes around the city by going to Edinburgh's Inner Tube Map.

So I can still ride my bike?

The government has advised that we all avoid unnecessary travel and social contact, including visits to pubs and clubs, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop riding your bike.

Dr Kate Hattersley, who works with charity Cycling UK, said for healthy riders under the age of 70:

“There is no reason for you to stop cycling at present but make sure to do so at a safe distance from others. Visits to cafes and pubs should be avoided to limit exposure to infection. You should carry tissues to use when cycling, disposing of them safely in a bin as soon as possible. If you do visit a food outlet, you must wash your hands before and after visiting, and again on returning home."

“It’s also advisable to wash your cycling gloves, too. Remember to avoid touching your face if your hands are not clean.”

You should also take as much food and water as possible for your ride, to help you avoid having to stop in a shop and make social contact.

For riders over the age of 70, Dr Hattersley said:

“The latest advice is to self-isolate at home for the next twelve weeks to protect yourself from infection. Exercise is encouraged but at a safe distance from others. This would permit cycling, but again, avoid visits to pubs and cafes for refreshments. Tissue use and hand washing advice is as above.”

What about cyclists suffering coronavirus symptoms? Dr Hattersley said:

“Do not go out as you are a risk to others. Consult the NHS 111 website for advice on self-management of your illness, but expect to be confined at home for at least seven days. Strenuous exercise is unwise while you are unwell. If you do not live alone, yourself and other members of your household must self-isolate for fourteen days from the time you first showed symptoms.”

Can I ride my bike outside?

The UK is currently not on full lockdown like Spain and Italy, and with no official guidance it looks like we’re fine to keep ticking off miles out in the world. Government advice says people are encouraged to exercise but should keep a safe distance from others.

A group of researchers has called on the government to enable people to walk and cycle outside for exercise during the Covid 19 outbreak, safe from the risk of infection and traffic injury.

The experts said the government should install emergency infrastructure to make cyclists safer and publish evidence-based guidance for people to reduce the risk when cycling during the pandemic.

Information and guidance correct at time of publishing.



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