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Buying a New Bike


As a family-focused cycling shop for Edinburgh, we would love to be part of helping you find exactly the right size, colour and type of bike for you and your little ones.

We have a superb range of high quality kids' bikes and balance bikes for sale in Edinburgh. We have balance bikes to help little explorers set off on their first ever adventure in cycling, teaching them how to scoot from an early age. These bikes are available in a great range of bright colours which will help to get your child comfortable with balancing and teach them essential early coordination and motor skills, helping them to progress onto pedal bikes more easily.


What Size of Kids Bike Do I Need?


Balance Bikes
1-5 Years


14" Wheel Bikes

3-6 years, 105-117cm height


16" Wheel Bikes

5-7 Years, 112-125cm height


18" Wheel Bikes

5-8 Years, 120-135cm height

20" Wheel Bikes

6-9 Years, 125-145cm height


24" Wheel Bikes

8-12 Years, 130-152cm height


26" Wheel Bikes

10+ Years, 136cm+ height

Cycling to Work


Your employer's cycle to work scheme is a great way of getting a new bike and improving your fitness while you commute to work!

Cycle to Work schemes enable employees to obtain new bikes and cycling equipment for their commute.


Adult Bikes


We have lots of other bikes for sale in Edinburgh too. These can either be bicycles that we stock, or there are also many more that we can order in for next-day delivery.

Whether you:

  • want to go out on a new cycling adventure on a gravel bike

  • are planning your journeys to and from work on your commuting hybrid bike

  • want to improve your health and well-being, and are riding for fitness

  • or simply just want to have fun with your friends and family


We're confident that our cycling shop in Edinburgh has a bike to fit everyone! 

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